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13131Green, TravisToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200239
13125Hoglund, JonasToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200214
13129Kaberle, TomasToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200215
13130Lumme, JyrkiToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200225
13127McCabe, BryanToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200224
13126Reichel, RobertToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200221
13123Roberts, GaryToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird20027
13124Schwab, CoreyToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200235
11297Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200213
13128Tucker, DarcyToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200216
13132Valk, GarryToronto Maple LeafsNHLThird200210

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