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13447Joseph, CurtisToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark1997-0031
13448Joseph, CurtisToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight1997-0031
2048Potvin, FelixToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark1997-0029
12093Potvin, FelixToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight1997-0029
11295Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight1997-0013
11296Sundin, MatsToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark1997-0013
UC821Thomas, SteveToronto Maple LeafsNHLLight1997-0032
UC822Thomas, SteveToronto Maple LeafsNHLDark1997-0032

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