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UU050Aybar, WillyTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-16
UU051Balfour, GrantTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-50
UU049Bartlett, JasonTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-8
UU052Burrell, PatTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-5
UU046Crawford, CarlTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-13
UU043Garza, MattTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-22
UU044Iwamura, AkinoriTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-1
UU042Kazmir, ScottTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-19
UU041Longoria, EvanTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-3
UU048Navarro, DionerTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-30
UU045Pena, CarlosTampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-23
UU047Upton, B.J.Tampa Bay RaysMLBThird2009-2

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