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48736Alvarez, WilsonTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199840
7600Baldelli, RoccoTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern5
7589Bankston, WesTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern24
48728Boggs, WadeTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199812
7565Camp, ShawnTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern22
48740Canseco, JoseTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight1999-0033
7590Cantu, JorgeTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern3
7585Casanova, RaulTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern17
7566Corcoran, TimTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern56
7601Crawford, CarlTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern13
7602Dukes, ElijahTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern35
48731Flaherty, JohnTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199823
7567Fossum, CaseyTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern15
7568Glover, GaryTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern47
7605Gomes, JonnyTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern31
7591Guzman, JoelTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern29
7569Hammel, JasonTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern49
7592Harris, BrendanTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern16
7570Howell, J.P.Tampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern39
7593Iwamura, AkinoriTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern1
7571Jackson, EdwinTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern36
7594Johnson, ElliotTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern43
7572Kazmir, ScottTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern19
48734Kelly, MikeTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199824
48729Martinez, DaveTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199814
7573McClung, SethTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern37
48733McCracken, QuintonTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight19983
48730McGriff, FredTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199829
7603Mohr, DustanTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern10
UU109Morris, JimTampa Bay Devil RaysMovieDark200263
7586Navarro, DionerTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern30
7574Niemann, JeffTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern34
7606Norton, GregTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern14
7575Orvella, ChadTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern54
7587Paul, JoshTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern8
7595Pena, CarlosTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern23
7576Reyes, AlTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern28
7577Ridgway, JeffTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern46
7588Riggans, ShawnTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern32
7578Ryu, Jae KukTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern11
7579Shields, JamesTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern33
7580Sonnanstine, AndyTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern38
48735Sorrento, PaulTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199844
48732Stocker, KevinTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLight199819
7581Stokes, BrianTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern41
7582Switzer, JonTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern52
7583Talbot, MitchTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern51
7596Upton, B.J.Tampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern2
7597Wigginton, TyTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern21
7598Wilson, JoshTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern9
7584Witasick, JayTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern45
7604Young, DelmonTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern26
7599Zobrist, BenTampa Bay Devil RaysMLBLightModern18

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