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12494Brind'Amour, RodSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-9419
0514Brown, JeffSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-9421
11400Federko, BernieSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-9424
0510Hull, BrettSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-9416
UC340Joseph, CurtisSt. Louis BluesNHLLight1988-9431
UC341Joseph, CurtisSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-9431
12527Oates, AdamSt. Louis BluesNHLLight1988-9412
12528Oates, AdamSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-9412
0513Stevens, ScottSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-942
0512Zombo, RickSt. Louis BluesNHLDark1988-944

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