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5836Smith, J.R.Denver NuggetsNBADarkModern1
55342Smith, J.R.Denver NuggetsNBALight2008-5
55343Smith, J.R.Denver NuggetsNBADark2008-5
55344Smith, J.R.Denver NuggetsNBAThird2005-125
64971Smith, J.R.New York KnicksNBALight2001-128
64972Smith, J.R.New York KnicksNBADark2001-128
64973Smith, J.R.New York KnicksNBASt. Patrick's Day2006-128
65543Smith, J.R.New York KnicksNBALight2012-8
65544Smith, J.R.New York KnicksNBADark2012-8

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