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6912Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBAThirdModern9
U1846Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBADarkModern9
UE022Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBAThirdModern9
55293Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBALight2005-9
55294Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBADark2005-9
55295Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBAThird2005-9
55296Rondo, RajonBoston CelticsNBASt. Patrick's Day2006-9
61504Rondo, RajonNBA All Star GameNBAEast20119
64638Rondo, RajonNBA All Star GameNBAEast20129

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