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2223Posey, JamesMiami HeatNBADarkModern42
U1842Posey, JamesBoston CelticsNBADarkModern41
UE016Posey, JamesBoston CelticsNBAThirdModern41
55917Posey, JamesNew Orleans HornetsNBALight2008-41
55918Posey, JamesNew Orleans HornetsNBADark2008-41
55919Posey, JamesNew Orleans HornetsNBAMardi Gras2009-41
59993Posey, JamesIndiana PacersNBALight2005-41
59994Posey, JamesIndiana PacersNBADark2005-41
59995Posey, JamesIndiana PacersNBAThird2007-41

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