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11107Paul, ChrisNew Orleans HornetsNBADarkModern3
11820Paul, ChrisNew Orleans HornetsNBAThirdModern3
55890Paul, ChrisNew Orleans HornetsNBALight2008-3
55891Paul, ChrisNew Orleans HornetsNBADark2008-3
55892Paul, ChrisNew Orleans HornetsNBAMardi Gras2009-3
60220Paul, ChrisNew Orleans HornetsNBAThird2010-3
61487Paul, ChrisNBA All Star GameNBAWest20113
64071Paul, ChrisLos Angeles ClippersNBALight2010-3
64072Paul, ChrisLos Angeles ClippersNBADark2010-3
64640Paul, ChrisNBA All Star GameNBAWest20123
65123Paul, ChrisTeam USAOlympicsLight201213
65124Paul, ChrisTeam USAOlympicsDark201213
65418Paul, ChrisLos Angeles ClippersNBAThird2012-3

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