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0763Parise, ZachNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark1992-079
3303Parise, ZachNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight1992-079
9356Parise, ZachNew Jersey DevilsNHLDark2007-9
9377Parise, ZachNew Jersey DevilsNHLLight2007-9
UF045Parise, ZachNorth DakotaWCHADarkModern11
UF054Parise, ZachNorth DakotaWCHALightModern11
UF061Parise, ZachNorth DakotaWCHAThirdModern11
14609Parise, ZachTeam USAIIHF WCThird200817
17386Parise, ZachNHL All Star GameNHLDark20099
54166Parise, ZachTeam USAOlympicsThird20109
54536Parise, ZachNew Jersey DevilsNHLSt. Patricks Day2010-119

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