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6201Odom, LamarLos Angeles LakersNBALightModern7
55171Odom, LamarLos Angeles LakersNBALight1999-7
55172Odom, LamarLos Angeles LakersNBADark1999-7
55173Odom, LamarLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001-7
64032Odom, LamarDallas MavericksNBALight2001-7
64033Odom, LamarDallas MavericksNBADark2010-7
64034Odom, LamarDallas MavericksNBAThird2011-7
65129Odom, LamarLos Angeles ClippersNBALight2010-7
65130Odom, LamarLos Angeles ClippersNBADark2010-7
65421Odom, LamarLos Angeles ClippersNBAThird2012-7

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