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65096Acosta, MannyNew York MetsMLBLight2012-46
65097Batista, MiguelNew York MetsMLBLight2012-47
65087Baxter, MikeNew York MetsMLBLight2012-23
65095Bay, JasonNew York MetsMLBLight2012-44
65093Byrdak, TimNew York MetsMLBLight2012-40
65104Carson, RobertNew York MetsMLBLight2012-73
65084Cedeno, RonnyNew York MetsMLBLight2012-13
65089Davis, IkeNew York MetsMLBLight2012-29
65094Dickey, R.A.New York MetsMLBLight2012-43
65086Duda, LucasNew York MetsMLBLight2012-21
65098Francisco, FrankNew York MetsMLBLight2012-48
65091Gee, DillonNew York MetsMLBLight2012-35
65083Hairston, ScottNew York MetsMLBLight2012-12
65085Johnson, RobNew York MetsMLBLight2012-16
65088Murphy, DanielNew York MetsMLBLight2012-28
65079Nickeas, MikeNew York MetsMLBLight2012-4
65099Niese, JonathonNew York MetsMLBLight2012-49
65081Nieuwenhuis, KirkNew York MetsMLBLight2012-9
65092Parnell, BobbyNew York MetsMLBLight2012-39
65100Ramirez, RamonNew York MetsMLBLight2012-52
65103Rauch, JonNew York MetsMLBLight2012-60
65102Santana, JohanNew York MetsMLBLight2012-57
65082Tejada, RubenNew York MetsMLBLight2012-11
65090Thole, JoshNew York MetsMLBLight2012-30
65101Torres, AndresNew York MetsMLBLight2012-56
65078Turner, JustinNew York MetsMLBLight2012-2
65077Valdespin, JordanyNew York MetsMLBLight2012-1
65080Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBLight2012-5

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