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UF066Beltran, CarlosNew York MetsMLBThird200615
UF067Bradford, ChadNew York MetsMLBThird200653
UF068Chavez, EndyNew York MetsMLBThird200610
UF069Delgado, CarlosNew York MetsMLBThird200621
UF070DiFelice, MikeNew York MetsMLBThird20066
UF071Feliciano, PedroNew York MetsMLBThird200625
UF072Franco, JulioNew York MetsMLBThird200623
UF073Glavine, TomNew York MetsMLBThird200647
UF074Heilman, AaronNew York MetsMLBThird200648
UF083Hernandez, OrlandoNew York MetsMLBThird200626
UF075Hernandez, RobertoNew York MetsMLBThird200639
UF075Hernandez, RobertoNew York MetsMLBThird200639
UF076Ledee, RickyNew York MetsMLBThird20069
UF078Lo Duca, PaulNew York MetsMLBThird200616
UF079Maine, JohnNew York MetsMLBThird200633
UF080Martinez, PedroNew York MetsMLBThird200645
UF081Milledge, LastingsNew York MetsMLBThird200644
UF082Mota, GuillermoNew York MetsMLBThird200659
UF084Reyes, JoseNew York MetsMLBThird20067
UF085Trachsel, SteveNew York MetsMLBThird200629
UF086Tucker, MichaelNew York MetsMLBThird200622
UF087Valentin, JoseNew York MetsMLBThird200618
UF088Wagner, BillyNew York MetsMLBThird200613
UF089Williams, DaveNew York MetsMLBThird200632
UF090Woodward, ChrisNew York MetsMLBThird20064
UF091Wright, DavidNew York MetsMLBThird20065

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