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ID# CategoryTeamLeagueTypeVersionNr.
412JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWestern Conference2008
413JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLEastern Conference2008
828JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLEastern Conference2009
829JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWestern Conference2009
954JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1984
1642JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1982
1643JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1982
1644JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1984
1645JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1983
1646JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1983
1648JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1985
1649JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1985
1650JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1986
1651JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1986
1653JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1988
1654JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1988
1655JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1989
1656JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1989
1657JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1990
1658JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1990
1659JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1991
1660JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1991
1661JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1992
1662JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1992
1663JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1993
1664JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1993
1665JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLEastern Conference2007
1666JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWestern Conference2007
1682JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLCampbell Conference1981
1683JerseysNHL All Star GameNHLWales Conference1981

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