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0013Gretzky, WayneLos Angeles KingsNHLDark1992-9699
11357Gretzky, WayneLos Angeles KingsNHLLight1992-9699
12499Hrudey, KellyLos Angeles KingsNHLLight1992-9632
12503Hrudey, KellyLos Angeles KingsNHLDark1992-9632
13578Jaks, PauliLos Angeles KingsNHLLight1992-9636
11335Kurri, JariLos Angeles KingsNHLDark1992-9617
11337Kurri, JariLos Angeles KingsNHLLight1992-9617
11356Robitaille, LucLos Angeles KingsNHLLight1992-9620
11358Robitaille, LucLos Angeles KingsNHLDark1992-9620

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