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1587Lidstrom, NicklasNHL All Star GameNHLDark20075
4902Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHLDark1983-075
0052Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHLLight1983-075
9247Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHLDark2007-5
9274Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHLLight2007-5
11676Lidstrom, NicklasNHL All Star GameNHLLight20085
11875Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHLThird1991-925
11905Lidstrom, NicklasTeam SwedenOlympicsLight20065
U1883Lidstrom, NicklasNHL All Star GameNHLDark19965
UF023Lidstrom, NicklasNHL All Star GameNHLDark20045
UL4885Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHLWinter Classic20095
UL6709Lidstrom, NicklasDetroit Red WingsNHL4/21/200920095

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