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UA1849Bruton, DavidUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern27
48926Clausen, JimmyUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern7
48927Floyd, MichaelUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern3
53883McCarthy, KyleUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern28
UE009Montana, JoeUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkThrow.3
naderNader, RalphIndependent2008 ElectionIndy20080
53884Olsen, EricUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern55
UE010Quinn, BradyUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern10
52993Tate, GoldenUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern23
5000Thorpe, JimCarlisle IndiansIndependentDark1911-120
UA1707Young, SamUniversity of Notre DameIA IndependentsDarkModern74

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