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11836Howard, DwightOrlando MagicNBADarkModern12
UU350Howard, DwightOrlando MagicNBALight2008-12
60323Howard, DwightOrlando MagicNBALight2008-12
60324Howard, DwightOrlando MagicNBADark2008-12
60325Howard, DwightOrlando MagicNBAThird2010-12
61505Howard, DwightNBA All Star GameNBAEast201112
64635Howard, DwightNBA All Star GameNBAEast201212
65149Howard, DwightLos Angeles LakersNBALight1999-12
65150Howard, DwightLos Angeles LakersNBADark1999-12
65151Howard, DwightLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001-12

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