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3973Faulk, MarshallSt. Louis RamsNFLDark2002-28
UN1814Faulk, MarshallIndianapolis ColtsNFLDark1988-0128
UN1815Faulk, MarshallIndianapolis ColtsNFLLight1988-0128
UN5541Faulk, MarshallSt. Louis RamsNFLLight2002-28
UN5626Faulk, MarshallSt. Louis RamsNFLDark2000-0128
UN5627Faulk, MarshallSt. Louis RamsNFLLight2000-0128
UN5660Faulk, MarshallSt. Louis RamsNFLDark1995-9928
UN5661Faulk, MarshallSt. Louis RamsNFLLight1995-9928
UA1900Faulk, MarshallSan Diego State UniversityMtn WestDark1990-9328

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