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UN1145Carter, ChrisHouston TexansNFLLight2002-36
UN1144Carter, ChrisHouston TexansNFLDark2002-36
14749Carter, ChrisBoston Red SoxMLBLight1979-77
14761Carter, ChrisBoston Red SoxMLBDark1990-0877
14787Carter, ChrisBoston Red SoxMLBThird2003-0877
53795Carter, ChrisUniversity of California DavisGreat WestDarkModern1
54966Carter, ChrisNew York MetsMLBLight2010-23
54967Carter, ChrisNew York MetsMLBThird1998-23
54968Carter, ChrisNew York MetsMLBThird1998-23
54969Carter, ChrisNew York MetsMLBDark1998-23

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