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0878Burns, BrentMinnesota WildNHLThird2003-078
9942Burns, BrentMinnesota WildNHLDark2007-8
9953Burns, BrentMinnesota WildNHLLight2007-108
14630Burns, BrentTeam CanadaIIHF WCThird20088
UG080Burns, BrentTeam CanadaIIHF WCDark20088
UG100Burns, BrentTeam CanadaIIHF WCLight20088
52337Burns, BrentMinnesota WildNHLThird2009-8
54944Burns, BrentTeam CanadaIIHF WCDark20108
59606Burns, BrentMinnesota WildNHLLight2010-8
62519Burns, BrentSan Jose SharksNHLDark2007-88
62520Burns, BrentSan Jose SharksNHLLight2007-88
62521Burns, BrentSan Jose SharksNHLThird2008-88

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