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6192Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALightModern8
6194Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALightModern24
55189Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALight1999-24
55190Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBADark1999-24
55191Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001-24
60971Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALight1978-998
60972Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBADark1978-998
60993Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBALight1999-8
60994Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBADark1999-8
60995Bryant, KobeLos Angeles LakersNBAThird2001-8
61493Bryant, KobeNBA All Star GameNBAWest201124
64645Bryant, KobeNBA All Star GameNBAWest201224
65117Bryant, KobeTeam USAOlympicsLight201210
65118Bryant, KobeTeam USAOlympicsDark201210

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