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0021Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLDark1977-957
0685Bourque, RayColorado AvalancheNHLDark1995-0777
0726Bourque, RayBoston and ColoradoNHLDark1979-0477
4127Bourque, RayTeam CanadaCanada CupDark19818
4152Bourque, RayTeam CanadaCanada CupDark19847
4172Bourque, RayTeam CanadaCanada CupDark19877
10657Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLDark1977-9577
11704Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight199277
12130Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight199377
12174Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLDark199177
12195Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight199077
12249Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLDark198977
12440Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLLight1995-0777
12441Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLDark1995-0777
12442Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLLight1977-9577
12443Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLThird1995-0677
12444Bourque, RayBoston BruinsNHLThird1991-9277
12707Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLDark19857
12746Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight19867
12787Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight19837
U1571Bourque, RayTeam CanadaOlympicsLight199877
U1594Bourque, RayTeam CanadaOlympicsDark199877
U1618Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight199477
U1851Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight199677
U1898Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight199777
13374Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight19826
13420Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight19817
14230Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLDark198877
14803Bourque, RayNHL All Star GameNHLLight19847
UL109Bourque, RayTeam CanadaCanada CupLight19847
UL129Bourque, RayTeam CanadaCanada CupLight19877
UL187Bourque, RayTeam CanadaCanada CupLight19818

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