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6237Allen, RaySeattle SuperSonicsNBADarkModern34
8985Allen, RayBoston CelticsNBADarkModern20
UE023Allen, RayBoston CelticsNBAThirdModern20
55305Allen, RayBoston CelticsNBALight2005-20
55306Allen, RayBoston CelticsNBADark2005-20
55307Allen, RayBoston CelticsNBAThird2005-20
55308Allen, RayBoston CelticsNBASt. Patrick's Day2006-20
61507Allen, RayNBA All Star GameNBAEast201120
65139Allen, RayMiami HeatNBALight1999-34
65140Allen, RayMiami HeatNBADark1999-34
65141Allen, RayMiami HeatNBAThird2001-34

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