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ID numbers that start with U or have this symbol denote user submissions. Mouse over this jersey to see the creator's name. Click on it to see all the jerseys they have added to the database.
Click this button to add to a jersey's popularity in the database, and to give it's creator positive feedback.
Indicates that your positive feedback has been registered and the jersey has received an additional hit.
Indicates hit count and popularity in the database.
Click this button for the Wiki entry for this player and jersey.
Indicates that entries for this player exist.
Use this button to add jerseys to your calendar. Account required.
Use this button to add jerseys to your user page. Account required.
Indicates that this jersey is already saved to your user page.
Click this button to add jerseys to your signature. See the "create signature" pages for more info.
Click this button to assign a jersey to the 'avatar builder'. See the "create avatar" page for more info.
Click on the mini jersey to see full size. Click on names, leagues, categorys, numbers, years, teams etc. to jump to their individual listings.

The Basics

This database contains .png images of sports uniforms past and present. (I unfortunately don't sell jerseys, these are just pictorial representations.) The main idea behind the database is to create a graphic reference for jersey designs, what team's players have played for, as well as the numbers they wore. The utmost is done to be as accurate as possible however if you find errors please let me know and I will do my best to correct them as soon as possible. New jerseys are added on an almost daily basis.

What do you do with them?

Besides being used for reference, you can also use them as avatars on forums, create wallpapers, signatures, icons on your computer, as your IM image, pretty much anything you want. (Please do not hotlink to them. Save them and host them on your own server.) All I ask is that you don't redistribute them or use them in conjunction with any design of your own without my permission. (I.e. using batches of them in your own work or on your website.) If you are interested in using them beyond conventional means please contact me or become an affiliate here.


You can make requests for players you would like added by using the Forum section here.

User Submissions

All jerseys that have an ID number that starts with the letter U have been created and submitted to the database by users/members of the site. They are in effect still their creations and any and all questions regarding them should be directed towards the makers.

If you are interested in learning to make these small jerseys and having them added to the database the first step is to become a member of the forum where you can get immediate help and information. The templates are all available in a number of different formats via a link on the Create page.

The submission process is simple, just create a zip file of your jerseys with a corresponding text file with the players' full names, numbers, the team and the years the jersey was/or is being used. Name each image with a number corresponding with your text file. When your file is ready just mail it to the site via Once your jerseys have been reviewed and accepted they will be added to the database and you will be given an account for further submission where you can upload files and add player information. You are strongly encouraged to post examples in the Forum before sending them in.

Further Information

With additional questions, problems or help see the forum or by e-mail ( or

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