Jersey Database Statistics
Statistic TypeAnswer
Total number of jerseys in the database:64995
Number of hockey jerseys:23504
Number of football jerseys:26570
Number of baseball jerseys:8205
Number of basketball jerseys:3837
Number of soccer jerseys:2363
Number of miscellaneous jerseys:516
Number of mascot jerseys:98
Number of user created jerseys:50082
Number of jerseys made by KP:14912
Number of jersey makers:30
Team with the most jerseys:Pittsburgh Steelers (3104)
Player with the most jerseys:Wayne Gretzky (45)
First player alphabetically:David Aardsma
Last player alphabetically:Henrik Ødegaard
Most common jersey number:21 (1408)
Least common jersey number:69 (219)
Most common first name:Mike (1037)
Most common last name:Johnson (686)
Most popular team:New York Rangers
Most popular player:Alexander Ovechkin
Most popular hockey team:New York Rangers
Most popular hockey player:Alexander Ovechkin
Most popular football team:New England Patriots
Most popular football player:Peyton Manning
Most popular baseball team:New York Yankees
Most popular baseball player:Chase Utley
Most popular basketball team:Boston Celtics
Most popular basketball player:Michael Jordan
Most popular soccer team:Manchester United
Most popular soccer player:Cristiano Ronaldo
Most popular miscellaneous team:Charlestown Chiefs
Most popular miscellaneous player:Jeff Hanson
Most popular jersey: Stanley Cup
Most popular hockey jersey: Stanley Cup
Most popular football jersey: Peyton Manning
Most popular baseball jersey: Babe Ruth
Most popular basketball jersey: Michael Jordan
Most popular soccer jersey: Ronaldinho
Most popular miscellaneous jersey: Jeff Hanson
Most popular user created jersey: Stanley Cup
Total number of hits for jerseys:2242019
Total number of positive feedback points:824183
Number of positive feedback points given today:2
Player with the most feedback points:Stanley Cup (5757)
Jersey with the most feedback points: (5757)
Team with the most feedback points:Pittsburgh Penguins (23777)
Number of signatures generated:110770
Number of avatars generated:43848
Number of user accounts:14270
Number of user jerseys saved:181178
Number of Wiki Entries:14274
User with most entries:Disengage (10574)
Number of statistics on this page:55
People who have read them:23621

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