Movie Teams

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  Team Backs Fronts Rosters Spots
  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 2000
  Angels in the Outfield 4014
  Arizona Cardinals 1000
  Coolidge Chickadees 1000
  Ferris Buellers Day Off 1011
  Flint Tropics 1000
  Hamilton Mustangs 5015
  Major League 7017
  Mighty Ducks 270227
  New York Knights 1000
  Ruxton Towers 1011
  Stand By Me 4014
  Star Wars - Empire 31000
  Star Wars - Rebellion 31000
  Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1011
  The Goonies 8018
  The Longest Yard 526352
  The Love Guru 1000
  The Waterboy 6016
  Thunder Bay Bombers 1011
  University of Alabama 1000
  View Askew 4024