The following is a basic overview of the essentials regarding making jerseys for the database.


The image size of all of the jerseys is 158px by 131px, this goes for all the different sports. Any size other than this will not work with the current set up for the widgets and the database. You will have excess space within your image file however the transparent background will eliminate it.


Jerseys should be saved in .PNG format, specifically transparent PNG 24. To condense the size of the file use "Save For Web" or similar to reduce them to the smallest possible size. The average jersey, depending on the colors etc, will be in the area of 10-20kb.


Being accurate when making these is somewhat important, however the size (72dpi) will limit you to some degree. Fonts can also be tricky to duplicate, but always try to reflect game worn jerseys as close as possible. A number of sites have images of jerseys you can work from, for hockey NHL Uniforms is a great resource to start with, Spirit of the Game has high quality images of game worn jerseys, another site where you can find good images is For other sports it really just comes down to scouting the internet.


Specific sports fonts can be found via a link in the Links section of this site. is also helpful when looking for free basic fonts. In some cases you'll have to create numbers and letter by hand, which is time consuming but worth it.


You can use any number of programs to create these. I personally reccommend Adobe Illustrator (or a similar vector program) since you're likely to get the best results. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements will also work, as will free programs such as GIMP for rasterized images, and Inkscape for vector formats.


The forum on this site has sections regarding help with making the jerseys. It is my hope that over time this will be a resource people can turn to with specific questions etc.

Submitting Your Jerseys

When you've made jerseys that you would like added to the database and have them saved in the proper format etc, you can send them to the site via in a zip file. Please include a text document with the relevant information such as team name, when the jerseys were used, player's first and last names etc. Do not name the image files using the player's names, instead give them a numeric name 1,2,3...

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