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Born on this Date
September 19 (13 Total)
Phillips Buchanon
Born in 1980
Rick DiPietro
Born in 1981
Joni Pitkanen
Born in 1983
Don Beaupre
Born in 1961
Kenny Britt
Born in 1988
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Ronaldo, Cristiano
Real Madrid
Rodriguez, James
FC Porto
Malaga CF

Popular for September
Morris Peterson
New Orleans Hornets
Julio Jones
University of Alabama
Vladimir Myshkin
Kevin Hardy
Jacksonville Jaguars
Al Toon
New York Jets

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Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals
Real Madrid
FC Porto

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Dos Santos, Giovani
Graham, Jimmy
University of Miami
Branch, Deion
Seattle Seahawks
White, Reggie
Memphis Showboats
Shved, Alexey
Minnesota Timberwolves

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Grant, Justin
Quad City Mallards
Akins, Drew
Quad City Mallards
Kopitar, Anze
Los Angeles Kings
Lupul, Joffrey
Toronto Maple Leafs
Lupul, Joffrey
Toronto Maple Leafs

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Stanley Cup
NHL Trophies
Ovechkin, Alexander
Washington Capitals
Jordan, Michael
Chicago Bulls
Ruth, Babe
New York Yankees
Manning, Peyton
Indianapolis Colts

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